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Warren challenged the way I was thinking and helped me feel more confident. He has a remarkable way of turning a perceived negative around and making me feel valuable as a human being; able to contribute more effectively both to my personal situation and also to my work situation. He has, once again, assisted not only my immediate family, but my whole work team, and I feel refreshed and productive.

Julie, HR Director

Warren has been extremely helpful in getting me to this point of rising above my work situation and building on my emotional intelligence.

Sam, IT Manager

Warren helped my husband and I to develop invaluable communication skills that greatly assisted to resolve problems in our marriage. His counselling sessions focused on us as a couple, whilst also meeting our individual needs. He was always patient and understanding, taking the time to listen to ensure that we each got out of the sessions what we desperately needed. It sounds cliché, but after seeing many psychologists the difference is that Warren genuinely cares about his clients. His sessions are personalised, free from judgement and make each party feel safe in discussing matters of a highly confidential nature. I would not hesitate in recommending Warren to any of my family and friends. 

Frank ,Engineer & Rose ,Teacher 

Mental health is an area of increasing importance and is something we should all be talking about and constantly adding to our ‘tool kit’. Just like a PT for your body, the mind needs to be trained and honed. I’ve learnt that being vulnerable & open is actually the greatest demonstration of strength and should be embraced, particularly by blokes who have not traditionally done this.


Warren has helped me develop and implement stress / life  / business management techniques, encourages reflective meditation and  general peak performance. He was more of a ‘personal consultant and coach’ to me than a counsellor, which is hugely powerful for business and personal development.


David Nichols, Cofounder and General Counsel of Xinja Bank

Thank you for seeing me and listening to me. You have helped me overcome one of the most terrifying encounters I have experienced in my life and I’m truly grateful for the professional and friendly service you offered with recovering from this ordeal. 

Best wishes for future cases you take on and thank you once again.

Fazilia Ali, Dept. Env & Her

Warren helped me through quite a difficult and challenging post job redundancy period, keeping my spirits up, challenging me to get up every morning and get in to the job finding mindset. At times it was certainly hard to do but with Warren’s assistance, guidance and reminders I pushed on and was successful after several months.

He had such a good listening approach. Talking about the issues certainly made them feel more manageable and less confronting. His constant encouragement in our sessions was very beneficial and it really helped through the period.

Terry, Education Senior Manager


I got referred  by his colleague in EAP. Warren was outstandingly helpful throughout the sessions. Very compassionate and professional. I would recommend for any professional needing counseling support.

Marcel, Chaplain.


Warren helped me learn some good tools to manage my anxiety.  I was having bad panic attacks and I feel confident that's all in the past.

James, High School Student.

I was pretty unhappy.  My parents didn't understand and I had cut off from my friends. I didn't realise how much I was trying to cope with on my own.  After counselling with Warren I feel confident in who I am.  

Lee, High School Student.

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