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It’s really worth it to get someone who suits you and will understand you well.

finding the right therapist


Finding the right therapist is crucial to your success. Think of how difficult it is to find a hairdresser you like or a mechanic you can trust. A therapist is even more important. You want someone whom you feel you fit with, who makes you feel comfortable and helps you grow.  I recommend trying a therapist for at least two appointments because even a good therapist can have a “bad hair day”. But if you don’t feel like you’ve got a good match, make sure you try someone different. It’s really worth it to get someone who suits you and will understand you well.



There are many many different therapy techniques. Rather than explain each one, I find it more useful to describe the different ways in which I practice, to give you an understanding of what I could offer, and what might fit your situation.


Rational tools 

Some situations are best improved using rational and structured tools. This is almost like psychological mechanics. I can help you identify the kind of tools to help improve your life and together we can practice them until you have mastered them. Often this means I will give you some homework.  I like this approach because it helps people remember the strengths they have developed in life — and how we all have our unique styles.  With a few extra tools in your toolkit, you can make the changes you want and achieve highly fulfilling goals.


Emotional, expressive and understanding

In many instances, people turn to a psychologist because they have no one else to talk to. It takes a lot of courage to share your inner world with someone else. You want to know you’ll be understood, and not judged. And that if there is something you want kept secret, it will stay that way. I always feel honoured that people turn to me to share their personal reality. I believe everyone’s experience is valid. No one person has the truth. I invite you to journey with me, knowing I have my good training and experience, and that with my different eyes to yours, I can offer a new perspective. 



Happiness means a connection with yourself, and what is meaningful in life. This is a personal journey and can be complex. I will help you to explore what enriches your world, and what you would like to let go of. Sometimes people feel they are stuck on one path, and therefore trapped. Or they’re caught at a crossroads, arguing between one way or the other. I can help them to see many options and so have the freedom to choose. This therapy is based on understanding and insight, and the joy of self-growth.


Work with children

I help children and adolescents by finding the right therapeutic strategy to fit their goals. I use narrative therapy, psychodrama, CBT, and mindfulness-based interventions. Private work with an individual may be supported by consultation with other family members to enhance family support, or to improve parenting techniques. Similarly, I work collaboratively with schools and other professionals such as doctors and occupational therapists.


I provide concrete and creative treatment outcomes, tailored to a client’s needs. Whether this means effectively managing your mood, or smoothing out relationship patterns, my focus in therapy is on empowering you to make positive, affirming decisions in a way that makes you feel free and liberated. I help people understand your concerns in the context of family, partners, and life–stage events.  Whatever your age, I can help you build on your own unique strengths, understandings about yourself, and how best to have fulfilling relationships with others.


Team building and group facilitation

Human diversity is natural. And although it provides us with a richness of different ideas and skills, our different preferences often get in the way of making group decisions that last. I use methodologies that incorporate Arnold Mindell’s attitude of Deep Democracy, and Irvin Yalom’s emphasis on interpersonal relationship skills. I help groups to cohere and thrive. Working through conflict provides growth for new group resources to emerge, allowing the team to achieve even greater success in their goals.

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